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April19, 2016

Academy Prep

Center of Tampa

Mr. Hugh Campbell
Advanced C4 Solutions,Inc.
4107 West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Tampa,FL 33614

Dear Hugh,

Thank you for your generous support of the Academy Prep Center of Tampa's Student Scholarship Program.
Scholarship donors are a unique group who help our staff inspire student achievement and foster extraordinary results.

As we wrap up our 131 year of operation at Academy Prep,we celebrate our successes and look to a bright future for our students and graduates. Our eighth grade students have been accepted not only into the local top-tier magnet and preparatory high schools,but prestigious boarding schools as well. In 2016,we have students who will attend Deerfield
Academy in Massachusetts,Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, Woodberry Forest School in Virginia,and St. Andrew's School in Boca Raton, Florida. Continually paving the way for their younger peers, our APT graduates who are this year's graduating high school seniors have already been accepted into schools like Loyola University New Orleans and Loyola University Chicago,Florida State University, Auburn University, University of South Florida,Clemson University, University of Alabama, Samford University, and Morehouse College. We wish our graduates the best of luck as they embark on their new educational journeys, and we are excited for what the future holds for these young men and women.

Currently, our Graduate Support Services program supports 193 graduates. Our alumni now boast a high school graduation rate of 97%, with 83% of our graduates going on to post-secondary schools and 10% currently serving our country in the armed forces. Academy Prep celebrates all of these accomplishments in an area where less than halfthe adults have a high school diploma within a mile radius of campus. All of these accomplishments are only possible because of support from individuals like you who believe in our students and the mission of our school.

Our students attend school 43% more hours than a typical middle school student during the course of a year;the cost of educating an Academy Prep student is actually 55 cents less per hour than educating a student in the public school system. Every student attending Academy Prep attends on full scholarship and qualifies for the free or reduced-price federal school meals program, setting their family income near or below the poverty line. Each year, Academy Prep raises funds from the local community to provide annual scholarships of $17,000 per student.

The remarkable outcomes of our graduates are strengthened by the commitment you and many others make each year. Thank you! Included with this letter are updates on our graduates,and the sixth grade boys which your sponsorship supports.

On behalf of our students, graduates,families, staff,faculty and trustees- thank you for helping us shepherd our youth to their limitless potential.


Lincoln J. Tamayo
Head of School

D.l /)A1t 1mu.-( Maggie McCieland Director of Development

1407 E . Columbus Dr. • Tampa, FL 33605 • 813-248-5600 • Fa x 813-248 -5 602
w ww . Acade m y P r ep .org

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