In recognition of a complex, dynamic, and very competitive federal contracting environment, AC4S is transforming and is here to stay.  These are interesting times and AC4S is responding with flexible solutions we can adapt to the next development – whether a shift in the economy, an emerging government requirement, a new technology, or a change in regulatory compliance. 

Our Strategic Vision remains unchanged: Exceed Expectations by turning Vision into Action

AC4S refuses to be lulled into complacency and fully recognizes that our customers need solutions, not specific products or services.  Our transformation will not have an end-point, but rather will be continuous and 100% aligned with our customers’ needs – in fact, we strive to anticipate them. 

AC4S Expands Support Capabilities for FAA


Tampa, FL – AC4S, a leading provider of voice, data and visual information services and solutions for public sector entities, announced today that it has been awarded the Business Administration and Management (BAM) functional area by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under its Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified (eFAST) Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) contract.


eFAST MOA is an FAA small business set-aside acquisition vehicle and includes Small Disadvantaged Businesses, 8(a)s, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses and Alaskan Native Corporations. It is the Agency’s preferred acquisition vehicle for small business solutions. The performance scope for eFAST includes the 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. Territories – either at Government (on-site) or Contractor’s (off-site) facilities.


Under the BAM functional area AC4S will be able to provide an expanded set of professional services to the FAA including: Accounting/Budgeting/Finance, Acquisition/Procurement, Administrative Management, General Management, Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Process Analysis, Application Content Management, Office Management, Training, Developing Training Materials and Graphic Artist Services. “This is an extremely important opportunity for AC4S and our extremely capable and customer-focused technical workforce.” stated Hugh Campbell, AC4S’ President. “The FAA is a new customer for AC4S and this is our chance to expand our ability to provide support to this critical federal agency mission.”


eFAST MOA has 8 Functional Areas. AC4S already had the ability to provide service to the FAA under five functional areas: Air Transportation Support (ATS), Engineering Services (ES), Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD), Computer Systems Support (CSS) and Maintenance and Repair (M&R). Adding BAM provides AC4S the capability to respond to the FAA’s requirements in 6 of the 8 functional areas.

“We’ve been looking for a way to expand our ability to provide to the FAA the exceptional services we provide to all our customers” remarked Norm Abdallah, AC4S’ Executive Vice President. “Over 85% of AC4S’ customer ratings have been “exceptional” - the highest possible score. We look forward to providing that documented high quality service capability to the FAA in the BAM functional area.”



The eFAST MOA is the FAA’s preferred small business contracting vehicle for such services. The contract allows long term procurements for an expanded array of professional and support services to better serve the requirements of the FAA, and on a limited basis and when in the best interest of the Government, all other federal government agencies, nationwide, in an expedited efficient and effective manner. For more information about eFAST MOA see the FAA’s website.


About AC4S

AC4S is a services and solutions provider meeting the information technology, audiovisual & video teleconferencing, telecommunications & telephony, training and intelligence support requirements of public sector customers. With 99% of its staff able to work in a variety of environments worldwide, AC4S performs work in many critical government departments and agencies including the national intelligence community. AC4S is an 8(a) certified, service-disabled veteran-owned, and small disadvantaged business based in Tampa, FLorida with experience in two dozen states and a number of foreign locations. For more information about AC4S visit our website www.ac4s.com or contact  businessdevelopment@ac4s.com." target="_blank">Business Development.

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AC4S was formed by veterans with extensive joint tactical and commercial telecommunications experience. The three founder's vision was to provide Exceptional global customer support. AC4S brings extensive experience in military and civilian C4 Services and Solutions, Mission Support Services, and Professional Support Services to Special Operations, DoD, Intelligence Community and Diplomacy missions worldwide.



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