In recognition of a complex, dynamic, and very competitive federal contracting environment, AC4S is transforming and is here to stay.  These are interesting times and AC4S is responding with flexible solutions we can adapt to the next development – whether a shift in the economy, an emerging government requirement, a new technology, or a change in regulatory compliance. 

Our Strategic Vision remains unchanged: Exceed Expectations by turning Vision into Action

AC4S refuses to be lulled into complacency and fully recognizes that our customers need solutions, not specific products or services.  Our transformation will not have an end-point, but rather will be continuous and 100% aligned with our customers’ needs – in fact, we strive to anticipate them. 

AC4S Passes Stage II ISO Registration Audit


Tampa, FL– AC4S, a leading provider of voice, data and visual information services and solutions for public sector entities announced today that it passed the Stage II ISO Registration Audit.  “Throughout this past year many AC4S team members have been working diligently to develop a Quality Management System (QMS) and have achieved success in that endeavor” announced Hugh Campbell, AC4S’ President  & CEO.  “The objective of implementing the QMS served many purposes; we wanted documented repeatable processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness with the goal of consistent customer satisfaction while establishing a framework for continuous improvement.   A benefit of implementing the QMS following the ISO 9000 standard is our company becoming registered as an ISO 9000 compliant organization” said Campbell.


“AC4S already provides exceptional service to our government customers and the QMS we developed will make that support even more effective” remarked Rich Wehde, an AC4S senior program manager and leader of AC4S’ QMS efforts. “Having the ISO 9000 registration will also open up many opportunities for AC4S as many contracting vehicles require a Quality Management System to be able to bid on contracts as a prime.”


AC4S also announced today that it has achieved an internal goal of 85% “Exceptional” ratings from its government customers.  The Department of Defense uses a system called the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System or CPARS for short to maintain a record of contractor performance.  In this system a contractor’s performance is assigned one of five possible ratings – Exceptional, Very Good, Satisfactory, Marginal or Unsatisfactory.  “With the latest assessment of AC4S by a government customer, we are now at 86% Exceptional assessments over the life of this company” announced Campbell.    “I am proud that not only has AC4S never been assessed a rating lower than satisfactory by any government agency on any contract, but also we have established a pattern of sustained superior performance.  We expect that our new QMS will enable us to continue to reach new heights in customer satisfaction”.


“AC4S has received some satisfactory ratings over the years” remarked Norm Abdallah, AC4S’ co-owner and Executive Vice President.  “But, that’s usually been with a new customer in our first year of history with them.  Some folks just won’t give you anything higher than satisfactory in that first year – it’s just how they operate.  But, after that first year look out because the ratings just go up as far as they can”, said Abdallah.


“CPARS is an annual requirement on our contracts, explained Steve Carroll, AC4S’ Director of Contracts.  “The government puts in their ratings and we have the ability to review the government assessments and to add in comments before the government reviewing official finalizes and closes the assessment.  Since our PM’s do a great job communicating continuously with their government counterparts, there is rarely ever a surprise in there.”  


About AC4S

AC4S is a services and solutions provider meeting the information technology, audiovisual & video teleconferencing, telecommunications & telephony, training and intelligence support requirements of public sector customers. With 99% of its staff able to work in a variety of environments worldwide, AC4S performs work in many critical government departments and agencies including the national intelligence community. AC4S is an 8(a) certified, service-disabled veteran-owned, and small disadvantaged business based in Tampa, FLorida with experience in two dozen states and a number of foreign locations. For more information about AC4S visit our website www.ac4s.com or contact or more information contact AC4S at businessdevelopment@ac4s.com" target="_blank">Business Development.

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AC4S Was Formed ...

AC4S was formed by veterans with extensive joint tactical and commercial telecommunications experience. The three founder's vision was to provide Exceptional global customer support. AC4S brings extensive experience in military and civilian C4 Services and Solutions, Mission Support Services, and Professional Support Services to Special Operations, DoD, Intelligence Community and Diplomacy missions worldwide.



AC4S is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets.