Contract #: GS-10F-116BA

Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) - Schedule 874 V

The Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Multiple Award Schedule 874 V assists federal agencies in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions.

Services include the following areas that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials, and associated personnel:

  • Planning acquisition and management of logistics system;
  • Providing expert advice, assistance, guidance, management; and
  • Providing operational support services.

Additionally, training is provided in the following areas:

  • System operations;
  • Automated tools for supply;
  • Value chain management;
  • Property and inventory management;
  • Distribution and transportation management; and
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities supporting these activities.

Turnkey or total solutions are available in support of logistics functions and minor repair and alteration services, supplementary to existing SINs under this Schedule.

The variety of offerings includes:

SIN Number   SIN Name                                                                                                                   NAICS Code

874 501           Supply & Value Chain Management Services                                                          NAICS 541614

874 5031         Distribution & Transportation Logistics Services                                                    NAICS 541614

874 504           Deployment Logistic Services                                                                                   NAICS 541614

874 505           Logistics Training Services                                                                                       NAICS 541614

874 5062         Support Products                                                                                                        NAICS 541614

874-507           Operations and Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services            NAICS 561210

874 5073         Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services              NAICS 561210

874 5974         Ancillary Repair and Alteration                                                                                NAICS 541614

The SINs highlighted in yellow are the SINs we have won, and are explained in further detail, below.

LOGWORLD SIN 874-501 Supply and Value Chain Management Services

This SIN 874-501 includes all phases of planning, acquisition and management of logistics systems. These services include, but are not limited to planning, acquisition, design, development, testing, production, fielding, management, operation, maintenance, sustainments, improvement, modification and disposal.

Logistics consulting for planning for the acquisition and life cycle phases of supply and value chain systems include the following steps:

  • Define and establish program objectives, strategies, plans and schedules;
  • Develop milestone documentation; market research and acquisition planning;
  • Material requirements identification, planning, acquisition and management;
  • Develop specifications or performance based work statements and task estimates;
  • Develop, document and support maintenance procedures and technical manuals;
  • Configuration data management and related documentation; expansion and consolidation studies, field problem analysis and recommendation of corrective actions and system modernization;
  • Needs assessment/system assessment; inventory/asset/vendor management; inventory management and operation (inclusive of salvage, recycle and/or disposal management); operation of warehouses, stockrooms, storage facilities or depots;
  • Fulfillment systems and operations; platform management;
  • information logistics processing systems analysis design, and implementation;
  • Staging, shipping, receiving, packing, crating, moving and storage (excluding household goods);
  • Packaging, labeling, bar coding system consultation, design, implementation, operation and maintenance;
  • Design and installation of material handling systems;
  • Hazardous material storage and handling (non-radioactive only);
  • Warehouse and location management systems;
  • Recycling program management of warehousing materials; preservation and protection of specialized inventory or documents;
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) support and/or support process management;
  • Aircraft repair and maintenance;
  • Ship repair and maintenance;
  • Property disposal management;
  • Logistics strategic planning services;
  • Logistics systems engineering services;
  • Logistics program management services and support;
  • Unique Identification (UID)/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) services;
  • Program and project management;
  • Acquisition and life cycle management; spares modeling;
  • Supply chain integration planning; and,
  • Global integrated supply chain solutions – planning and implementation.

Note: Acquisition functions cannot be procured as stand-alone services.

LOGWORLD SIN 874-504 Deployment Logistic Services

Services in this SIN 874-504 include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing expert advice, assistance, guidance, management, or operational support services that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and associated personnel.
  • Deployment logistics consulting;
  • War gaming (field exercises);
  • Contingency planning;
  • Inventory and property requirements planning, movement, storage and accountability systems;
  • Asset management (including pre-positioning assets); space planning and project integration/implementation;
  • Public and private sector support and/or resources;
  • Facilitating customs processing/accountability;
  • Scenario based field exercises;
  • Communication and logistics systems design, plan, deployment and operation;
  • Medical and emergency unit storage and restocking management; and
  • Program and project management.

LOGWORLD SIN 874-507 Operations and Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services

The purpose of this SIN 874-507 is to provide a turnkey/total solution in support of a logistics function. Under the turnkey solution, a combination of support services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Janitorial services;
  • Maintenance;
  • Trash disposal;
  • Laundry;
  • Mail routing;
  • Guard; and
  • Reception and related services.

However, these services must be, incidental to and in support of, the logistics function. Individual support services may not be offered, ordered, or sold separately under this SIN.

Examples of the type of logistics related services under this SIN include:

  • Logistical support services;
  • Integrated facility management and operations management support;
  • Supply support services;
  • Equipment asset management and maintenance support services;
  • Fleet management and maintenance support services;
  • Preventative maintenance planning support services;
  • Property management and maintenance support services;
  • Strategic and tactical planning support services;
  • Strategic account management support services;
  • Mobile utility support equipment operation, maintenance and repair support services;
  • Base operations support (BOS);
  • Depot maintenance; and,
  • Project management.


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