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Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-D-E2073

AC4S, Inc. shall provide the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise, and solution-related enabling products in one of the functional categories (FCs) to meet the mission needs of the DHS. As identified in individual task orders, information technology solutions/capabilities will support DHS on a world-wide basis. The Contractors shall furnish the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, travel, and other services required to satisfy the ordered IT capabilities and solutions. While the SOW identifies the functional categories, the suite of resulting contracts is intended to satisfy the full range of IT related requirements. With the pace of change it is impossible to anticipate how IT requirements and individual programs will evolve over the life of the contracts. It is intended that the EAGLE II contract remains current and continues to provide the full range of IT capabilities/solutions and emerging technologies throughout its life. The scope of each individual IDIQ contract will be based upon the functional category for which the Contractor proposed and is selected with specific tasks to be set forth in the TOs.

Eagle II Design:

Eagle II -  Includes 1 functional area designated by the North American Industry Classification System.

Functional area:

  • FC1 – Service Delivery (including Integration, Software Design/Development, and Operations and Maintenance) 8 (a) Track.

Eagle II Features:

  • EAGLE II contract is a five (5) year base period and one (1) two-year option period.
  • TOs may be issued at any time during the base and/or option period.
  • $22 billion program ceiling

Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-D-E2073

Statement of Work: DHS - Eagle II

Contract Period of Performance: 27 September 2013 through 26 September 2018 (including award term options) - The performance periods will be specified in the TOs and may include option periods which extend the TO up to twelve (12) months beyond the expiration date of this contract.

Program Ceiling: The maximum cumulative dollar ceiling value of all contracts in this multiple award procurement is established at $22 Billion.

Available Order Types: IDIQ, T&M, LH, FFP

QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Team AC4S maintains an ISO 9001:2008-registered Quality Management System (QMS).   Our QMS has been developed and fine-tuned to ensure the highest quality personnel and client satisfaction by instilling a culture of quality within our programs.  We strive for perfection by developing and adhering to the highest standards of quality in service delivery, providing the right service or product, correctly, and on time, the first time.  Our Program Managers ensure service delivery by establishing and maintaining a system of rigorous service and product delivery inspection.  We identify issues swiftly, mitigate issues with innovation, and capture lessons learned to share across our programs to increase the probability of first time successes within the corporation. Our QMS approach ensures safeguards by consistent, enhanced management insight, repeatable process measurements and expeditious mitigation of potential quality issues.

Our EAGLE II 8(a) core teaming partners are:

  • Best Value Technology Inc.
  • Dev Technology Group
  • Intec, LLC
  • Strohmier Consulting

Our extended team includes the following:

  • ACI Solutions
  • Emergent
  • Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp
  • Pivotal Insight
  • Research Analysis and Maintenance Inc.
  • TWD
  • Ware on Earth Communications Inc.

Task Orders received under this contract: None

Last three (3) years of experience providing professional support services at DHS:  None 

POC Program Manager: B. Hogan – PMP SVP Business Development Office: 813-983-7445

POC Teaming Coordinator: B. Hogan – PMP SVP Business Development 813-983-445

POC Customer Satisfaction: Rich Wehde –Quality Management Representative  Office: 813-983-7504

For more information visit: DHS-Eagle II



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 Fax Number: 813-983-7554
Our Virginia Address:
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  Phone Numbers:
 Main Number: 813-282-3031
 Fax Number: 813-983-7554

AC4S Was Formed ...

AC4S was formed by veterans with extensive joint tactical and commercial telecommunications experience. The three founder's vision was to provide Exceptional global customer support. AC4S brings extensive experience in military and civilian C4 Services and Solutions, Mission Support Services, and Professional Support Services to Special Operations, DoD, Intelligence Community and Diplomacy missions worldwide.



AC4S is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets.