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SPAWAR Integrated Cyber Operations

Contract # N65236-12-D-3857

8(a) Competitive Set Aside to provide engineering services and engineering solutions (hardware and software) associated with Integrated Cyber Operations (CYBER) and related capability areas.  Tasking areas will cover the full life cycle of CYBER capability from concept and technology development, system development and demonstration, production and deployment, to operation and support.  Sponsors and customers supported will include all current and future SPAWAR Atlantic sponsors and customers which currently include Navy, other DOD, Joint, other Federal and FMS organizations.  Location of performance is worldwide, including hostile zones.

SPAWAR Integrated Cyber Operations Design:

The scope of this contract covers the entire spectrum of non-inherently governmental services and solutions (equipment and services) associated with the full system lifecycle support including research, development, test, evaluation, production and fielding of sustainable, secure, survivable, and interoperable Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Information Operations, Enterprise Information Services (EIS) and Space capabilities.

Although not limited beyond the description above, this contract has a primary focus on mission capabilities within the Integrated Cyber Operations (ICO) Portfolio. The ICO Portfolio delivers the capabilities to operate, secure and defend the network and data in support of the Warfighter's Mission. The ICO Portfolio brings a close coupling between engineering, development and operational services focused on computer network defence, computer network exploitation, and computer network attack. These efforts are intended to enable U.S. forces to maneuver in the cyber domain while denying the adversary’s ability to maneuver in this domain. Special attention is paid to protecting U.S. critical infrastructure and information in limiting the adversary’s ability to maneuver.

Computer network defence systems include network scanning and mapping systems, network vulnerability analysis, network penetration testing, network red teaming, network sensing devices, network packet sniffers, network activity correlation and fusion algorithms, systems enabling the identification and attribution of hostile computer network attack and computer network exploitation.

Computer network exploitation includes systems, software and devices enabling intelligence collection on data at rest or moving through the cyber environment. Computer network attack systems include those designed to deny or disrupt the adversary’s use of the cyber domain and are delivered through the cyber domain. All aspects of information assurance are also included in this portfolio, and include cryptographic devices. This portfolio also includes Network User Authentication.

The ICO capabilities are understood to include the following examples: CNA (red teaming), CNE (ISR on the net), CND (Perimeter sensing devices, intrusion detection, firewalls), IA (cryptographic devices and software, DITSCAP/DIACAP Services), and Network User Authentication.

NAICS Code functional areas are:

SPAWAR Integrated Cyber Operations Features:

    • 8(a) Competitive Set Aside
    • CPFF, FFP, FPI
    • $98.7 Million program ceiling

SPAWAR Integrated Cyber Operations Benefits:

    • 8(a) Competitive Set Aside
    • Pre-competed, easy to use contracts
    • Access to proven 8(a) small business technology providers

AC4S’ industry team includes:
Our team is comprised of 9 trusted large and small businesses, all business partners of AC4S and leaders in their fields. Our business development team worked very hard to find the right mix of complementary business partners to enable this win. This same mix will be instrumental in bringing Cyber capabilities to our defence customers.

    • Celestar Corporation
    • Deloitte
    • Emergent
    • InTec
    • ISYS Technologies
    • InfoTeK Corporation
    • Sparta
    • Streamline Defense

Contract Number: N65236-12-D-3857
Statement of Work (SOW): SPAWAR ICO 8(a)
Contract Period of Performance: 12 June 2013 through June 2017 (including option periods)
Program Ceiling: $98.7M
Available Order Types: CPFF, FFP, FPI 

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